Let us focus on some real issues

Let us focus on some real issues


To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 23 September 2008


According to the planets someone is playing on your fears and hoping you will make a mistake that works in their favor. Maybe you should turn the tables and point out that if they get it wrong the consequences could be disastrous too. Fight fire with fire.


My success is inevitable it is just a matter of time.  My concern is that I cannot simply focus on Janet’s tour (Micro) and world affairs (Marco), but have to deal with this damn pest, that you should have removed from the scene months ago.  Jermaine Dupri is like a little annoying child with this huge infatuation with my wife, but he is a grown man and that make it a concern. I do not want to hurt that dude, but I will kill him if necessary and that is not a threat it is a fact.


As for this bailout, I mean the bottom line is until they get it right with me nothing will fix the economy, they can bailout the Illuminati until doomsday hell 7×7 and it still will not fix a damn thing.  As many times as they hand it over to them I can take it back.  This country has to get right with the Lord or it will eventually fall out of grace that is not a threat but a promise.


My immediate concern now is Janet’s new contract for $150 million over 11 years, not that she needs it but it will make her happy, then I want to focus on the career of Alicia and draw a contract for $200 over a period of 15 years.  I have to work out some details.  I want her in movies and in Las Vegas with no gambling clause.


I assume Universal Studios got their settlement in the Fire Insurance Claim, because they let go of the collateral being Janet.  If you’ll rid me of Jermaine Dupri without hurting anything but his feelings I will be able to focus on some real issues.


Again I think the quick fix to the financial woes is to liquidate the financial institutions until a well thought out plan can be figured out.  It is not about adding anything to the bail but putting together the nation’s greatest minds to come up with real lasting solutions.  I think the congress should pass an interim bill to insure business as usual and than negotiate a long term bill with the new administration.  I heard this is a blank check because they do not even know who owes who, it is total madness and the American people are acting like defeated sacrificial lambs, I do not hear the voices from the leadership in this country asking any real questions in a discussion before the American people, this is a conspiracy.


Frank Paul Gambino


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