Live Nation Not Disappoint Janet will be signed as Promised

Live Nation Not Disappoint Janet will be signed as Promised


A Promised Kept:


Janet Jackson known for her great stage presence with chorography that is out of this world and a without equal stage production along with the biggest concert promoter in the United States Live Nation; promises her fans they will not be disappointed at all.


The Janet Jackson Rock Wit Chu Tour is Live Nation Production who promises Janet’s fans a great stage production, with all the trimmings.


They lined up the best team possible to produce this show to include Laser Technicians, Pyrotechnicains, Lighting Crew, Sound Crew, some of the best Dancers available and a hot band, just to show some of what her fans are up for.  


Original That Grape Juice from Daily News June 2008:


A Promise to be fulfilled:


…In news that will both please fans and silence some critics, the NY Daily News is reporting that Janet Jackson’s Live Nation ‘Rock Witchu Tour’ is performing well at the ticket box office:

It’s great to see Janet’s Live Nation ‘situation’ working out well at this early stage. There are murmurings that she may sign a similar ‘360’ deal similar to that of Jay-Z, Madonna etc with the company should the tour do well….

My Words on the subject:

Janet is actually under contract with Live Nation now as the producers of her Rock Wit Chu World Tour.  We made an offer to be negotiated in multi corporate deal for $150 million over 11 years, but for now the focus is on the tour.  So as Janet is without a record deal she is not without a deal as Def Jam might have wished and the tour is doing well thanks to her wonderful fans. You have not heard the last of Janet who after a few days of rest is about to get back on the road with LL Cool J who also made his last record wit Def jam and may well be signed to Live Nation, whom our family has huge stock in.  I never wanted Janet in Def Jam anyway.  We have bigger and better plans for her, like her own record label.  There is not enough room for Jermaine Dupri, Live Nation and me, so he should keep his day job; he is not a part of this deal.  I have spoken!


Frank Paul Gambino




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