Now we are playing Guessing games?

Now we are playing Guessing games?


To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 24 September 2008


Mercury’s apparent change of direction on your birthday suggests that you need to change direction in some way as well. Deep down you know that you would rather be doing something more creative and constructive with your life. So what’s stopping you?

It may well be the case that friends and colleagues have been keeping things from you, but that does not mean they wish you harm. On the contrary: maybe the reason they are being so secretive is they don’t want to upset you with off-putting news.

There is nothing they can tell me that will surprise me, I probably already know or know and do not know it as of yet.  I done it all; and if I refused to do it than it was forced upon me by the Spirit; and that is my testimony in a nutshell.  It was written he who is without sin cast the first stone and did they stone him?  I say this for the third time, they say when something is written three times it is true, I say the truth is the light of the world.

Want to be like me?


Once a man said to him I want to be like you. Paul responded by saying, “People say they want to be like me, but they never walked in my shoes. Give away all your worldly possessions then move into a homeless shelter, be diagnosed as crazy for knowing the truth, hold on to your belief as everyone thinks bad of you, stop having sex to be faithful to someone who pays you no attention. Then wakeup a Multi-Billionaire and forgive them all, as if none of this happened.” Then he said, “Do you know that she is under the law, had I died she could have remarried, but as long as a man is alive his wife is bound to him. So any adulterous relationships she got into had to be annulled as if they never happen. The man walked away and said, “You are a wise man.” He knew he was talking about his wife in one Church.  “It is not where you been but where you are going.”


What I want to do?  As if you do not know!  Other than that if I told you what would you do help me along the way?  Certainly not so why ask, to make it more difficult to accomplish and setup minefields?  Spare me the ride!




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