Maybe Janet is not the best choice

Maybe Janet is not the best choice


While I was working overtime to make Janet a billion dollar contract she was running around New York City with Jermaine Dupri.  I realize I have no friends even Ice-T showed up to the party.  So what is there to settle or with who?


I have no family, Mafia, Crips or Bloods and there is no Church as far as I am concerned.  My only value to the world is they need me for the cure to AIDS.  That is the only card I have to play.  There is no wife or family, there is only a pipedream.


So I am going to make it easy on the government and let them settle with me for $100 Billion and the hell with the Mafia, Crips, Bloods and the Church.  Give the money to Obama for social programs that is all black people want and is good for anyway, money to be consumers.  Janet and Jermaine Dupri can find a new record deal together they make bad team in my opinion, but love is blind, I know from experience.


I am not angry, in fact I am warm, but reality is setting in now, I see beyond the blinds put before me.  John Junior can spend his life in prison. The Mafia can sell their drugs and rackets, the Crips and Bloods can do what they have been doing for a living and the Church can praise the lord of never and claim he died for their sins and people can continue to die at about 80 years of age, but separate me from this world, I want no part of it anymore, build me a nuclear place of safety  and a few people to keep me company and I will be happy and not feel cheated out of my life.  I was rejected for the last time.


So out of the $700 Billion give me $100 Billion and walk.  It is all about Paul from here on.  It was not about the money but now that is all I have to look forward to, so why not accept the reality? 



Frank Paul Gambino

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