Invitations to Universities in North Carolina

Invitations to Universities in North Carolina


Have someone write the invitations using Janet Jackson Rock Wit Chu World Tour Letterhead, on letter size photo quality paper 8 ½ by 12 inch paper in color (They get 3 each per college).  Just change the headings to suit each individual college.  Therefore you need to print about 200 invitations.  Invite them and explain the rules to the lottery and the 25% of SRP and bus service for the safety of the students.  Have them hand delivered by 12pm today Monday the 22nd to the proper personnel at the colleges, by a local messenger service.  Also fax and e-mail the notice and call them so they know it is coming


They have until 12pm Wednesday the 23rd to respond and will receive a response by e-mail and or fax by 12pm Thursday the 24th from us and all sales are guaranteed up to Friday 12pm the 25th at which time we will open to public sales at 1pm Friday the 25th, we want the weekend sales this time.  You can hire a local advertisement firm if necessary but I think we can handle this ourselves.  Promote it on radio both commercial and at the college radio stations.


Give the colleges, Universities and Military Installations limited reproduction rights of invitations.  You could give them full rights it would be free promotions, they will make a bunch of the invitations and circulate them.  You make this call, in any case this will get the invitations to the location quickly because you can e-mail them and they can print them for the military and student body.  Say full reproduction rights to military personnel, dependents and the student body.


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