Reactive or Proactive & Fraud

Reactive or Proactive & Fraud


To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 29 September 2008


…the next 12 months will be a time of radical changes, and your aim must be to make them changes that you have instigated, rather than changes to which you are merely responding. Reach for your highest ideal….

…You need to stay alert today because the planets warn there is someone out there who will happily cheat you if they get the chance. On the other hand you must also take care not to overreact. Most people you meet don’t wish to part you from your life savings….

I am in a responding position and therefore find it very hard to be proactive, due to financial constraints my movement is restricted and people only listen to me after they screw up.  Like Janet should have never signed with Island Def Jam and I offered her a lucrative contract prior to her signing and this bailout should have never been necessary I request legalized casino gambling and the control over the OTB in New York with a promise to balance the states budget.  I told the world AIDS was cured in 1991, 51 million fatalities later the idea that just maybe he is not crazy is just starting to resonate. People do not listen to me until they are without a choice, so my proactive ideas come across as reactive responses, but that does not make it factual it may mean that I have to sometimes create screwed up situations based on the natural progression of the way it is already.  They force my hand!

Funny you mentioned fraud.  I receive an e-mail allegedly from Propellerhead the makers of Reason 4.0 Music Creation Software.  It is no secret that I use Reason 4.0 along with Acid Pro 6.0 along with Adobe Audition 1.5 and Cubase SL-3 and a few VSTi and VST Effects and other programs sparingly.


So I get this e-mail about a Producers Conference at Legacy Recording Studios, Studio A509 on 38th street in Manhattan.  An old acquaintance from Queensbridge was holding it we call him Marley Marl.  A few old school producers were to attend; it was to be held on October 4th 2008 @ 9:30 am.  The cost was $35; I was all for seeing an old friend and they said LL Cool J would be there.  There was a catch to buy the ticket they wanted your credit card information and the certificate was not verified my Explorer.  I wanted to go to this so bad that I thought about giving up that information, but I was defrauded before.  I know Reason well and probably would have shared as much information as I would have received, I admit I am no expert in practice but have a lot to share on the subject of music software applications.


To make a long story short, I said, why would LL Cool J come here and he has to perform in North Carolina that night?  And I work in the area so why cannot I go and buy my ticket cash money?  So I called Legacy Recording Studios and it turned out to be a scheme.  So your warning are probably a few days late.  People man like the post looked so real!


Frank Paul Gambino



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