Is it a party or a tour?

Is it a party or a tour?


To: Live Nation

From: Paul

Date: 30 September 2008


The way I see it Jermaine Dupri is an impediment to the investment by Live Nation in the production of this tour and to Janet’s personal life and professional life.  I do not think he should be allowed to travel with this tour and I think Janet should have enough sense to realize it is not the show that needs to be cutback on but the partying.  Either she wants to make money and enjoy her fans for the night and call it the night to get ready for the next show or she needs to call off the tour and let everyone count their losses.  Is it a party or a tour?


Janet needs to drink plenty of water after each show and she will reduce in weight and not dehydrate.  Alcohol to include beer dehydrates you, so if you do a show and lose water weight and then drink on top of this you are trying to kill yourself.  Heat exhaustion can lead to a stroke and it is not the job that is killing Janet it is the personal life after the job.  She has to decide which is more important acting like a kid and partying or doing her job and getting paid and having something at the end of the tour to show for it, like a lucrative contract.


Janet Cancels Second Show


Word is Janet cancelled a second show just prior to performing in Montreal last night and was under observation at the hospital.  From inside information there is nothing to be concerned with, she has suffered from dehydration as a result of losing a lot of water weight prior to the tour and her strenuous tour schedule; the quick weight transition of losing too much water weight too fast resulted in dehydration.  It looks like the East Coast Leg will be on schedule as long as she drinks plenty of water after being released.


Janet was released from hospital and had complained about exhaustion during tour.  Dehydration will cause heat exhaustion when working hard as she has been working.  At her stage in life you cannot party and drink alcohol after losing several pounds of water weight to prepare for the tour and then continue to lose 3 to 5 pounds of water weight every other night and not replenish the water losses.  At some stage in life we all have to grow up.  By the way Jermaine Dupri is not the solution but the problem!


Frank Paul Gambino

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