JD is Janet’s Bobby and not beau

JD is Janet’s Bobby and not beau


It is not funny anymore, Jermaine Dupri is Janet’s Bobby Brown, it is the same dumb shit all over again and it has to stop. People invested a lot of money in Janet for this production.  These events are career ending events.  I am not talking about the Boston postponement or Philadelphia; in fact I suggested it to get the East Coast Leg started on the right leg. She needs the rest.


But this night life running around town with a boy who thinks life is a party and calls it “living the life.”  Janet is not a child anymore and cannot keep up with a boy who has no responsibilities but to spend her money hanging out in clubs and bars every chance they get.


OK it is not crack cocaine but do not get it wrong alcohol is a drug and probably one of the most lethal of drugs because of its perception being it is legal.  If she can not straighten up and fly right and put down the drinking and extra curricular nightlife of drinking and partying than she has a problem that needs early intervention if that is the case.  But to me it seems like the same old shit all over again, Janet and a boy she calls her boyfriend a PR move that is destroying her career.  Its time to grow up and get real mother of two Janet and yes they are watching your bad examples!  Make a meeting if you must, but do not cutback the tour cutback on the boy.  Just put you job first and enjoy the fruits later and not on Live Nation’s time!


Frank Paul Gambino






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