Maybe all I have to look forward to is money

Maybe all I have to look forward to is money


To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 3 October 2008


You don’t have to give away all your worldly goods but you do have to realize that money and possessions are not the most important things in life. A more spiritual attitude to both your private affairs and your work will bring extra happiness this year…


…If you need assistance today all you have to do is ask for it and any number of people will rush to your side. If, on the other hand, your life is too full of people already today’s aspects will help you to escape the madding crowd. You owe yourself a vacation….

Time is not on my side this morning so let me be swift.  I already gave away everything; it is matter of it being returned to me.  I made people very wealthy and they enjoyed the fruits of my labor as I had nothing but hope in something or should I say someone.  I caught pure hell in life, with one hope to be loved someday, but now I feel cheated.  I feel like I did it for no good reason, but to be used.


I thought it was what you think that is what it is, but now I feel like maybe it is what you see that is what it is.  I read about Jermaine Dupri thinking in my heart it was all nonsense, but now reality has come upon me and I wonder do I smell a fish, is it not what I think it is but what was before me all the time.


She named the tour Rock with U have you ever listened to that song; it is about having sex in all so many ways, then she takes him on tour with her.  It is about him and her and they wrote the song together.  What am I supposed to think now and then this?  I feel like a fool, so what do I get for all my work, Jermaine Dupri’s leftovers?  Now all I really have to look forward to be my payday, maybe I might have to go shopping for another….


Deductive Reasoning Smell a JD Fish


Frank Paul Gambino


To get pregnant she had several episodes of unprotected sex with Jermaine Dupri.  So if she got pregnant, but she used alcohol the other day, it could create a retarded child.  Why would she do that?  Now she goes back on tour after time off and is said to be 2 months pregnant?  She goes to a hospital in Montreal and not the United States to avoid the paparazzi?  Obviously she did not want his love child, but maybe enjoyed the younger man sexually.  Then when she went to the hospital he did nit show up.  Her being pregnant makes little sense!


But if there is any truth to this what does that make me?  A self inflicted lonely man and fool blind by love?  By the way what is the song and tour Rock with U all about anyway?  I guess what you see is what you get and not what you think is what it is!


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