I must be raised out of oppression

I must be raised out of oppression


To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 4 October 2008


…you must not limit your thoughts when it comes to imagining how rich you could be. Don’t think in thousands or even hundreds of thousands. Think in millions – then make it happen…

Others may say that your plans are unrealistic but what do they know? Nothing most likely! Make up your mind to live your dream, to strive every day, every hour and every minute to reach your highest potential. Maybe it’s not as far away as you think….

I have to be raised from the dead (Oppression) either that or I get a license to act on my own, in which case people will start dying and everyone is expendable.  I do not need to make more money I need my money returned to me with dividends.  It is Janet’s duty to introduce me to the right people (players) instead of avoiding me.  When they find out I can kill them and they cannot kill me they will have the fear of God in them and will do right by me.  So do you raise me from the dead and do right by me or do I go on mission and seek and destroy all who I see as being in my way.


You and I know with a gun I cannot be stopped their bullets will not go off and mine’s will, so what barrier can I not enter?  Is this how it ends, I kill a bunch of people?  Let us stop the bullshit; we all know they cannot fuck with me if I decide to go on the warpath.  I am on a short fuse!  Does it come down to kill or be killed or being real does it come down to kill and cannot be killed I am the Lord?


Frank Paul Gambino

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