The Issue is Ticket Prices

To: Janet

From: Paul

RE: The Issue is Ticket Prices

Date: 5 October 2008


You do not have me on the road with you so I do not know what is going on, but the biggest complaint I am reading from your fans are ticket prices.  Read this one and think about it, he/she has a point.


Yeah this is kind of ridiculous. Janet is my girl and everything but when will these artists realize we are going through a recession and people don’t just have money like THAT to throw around and sell out shows. Make tickets in the $50 and under area and Janet could sell out shows EVERY TIME!  Maybe I can agree with $75.

We just signed a bailout bill into law.  Sometimes less is more, if you lower the prices and sell more tickets it comes out the same.  But the perception that you care about the fans can increase your popularity.


Also you need to do the USO leg.  The key here is to get sponsorship to cover the difference in the ticket drop.  People are losing their jobs and cannot buy gas.


This is what you can do: sell tickets at the current prices and the closer to the day of the show the cheaper the price of the ticket until you reaches a minimum breakeven point or profit margin.  Call it the Janet ticket auction system.  Three days before the show you start dropping the prices until they all sold out.  Every show has to be a sellout, by means of constant price drops.


What will happen is that the people who have the discretionary money will get the best seats or at least what they can afford, then people who are having a harder time will jump on the sales and price drops and you will sellout every show.  When the prices start getting too low people will jump on it before someone else will.


Love Paul

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