Tour is back on and Janet is recovering put simply

Tour is back on and Janet is recovering put simply


The Rock Wit Chu World Tour is back on with added preventative measures, however Janet still has not fully recovered and to give her fans anything less than 100% would be wrong.  Janet was diagnosed with Vertigo probably due to an ear infection from irritation (undisclosed) as a result of exposure to loud music and unprotected ears.  We all know Janet has been spending too much time in nightclubs and bars as of lately trying to keep up with the younger Jermaine Dupri who is also looking shaky as of lately as well.  She sung “What have you done for me lately” about me to her mother’s dismay. But sings “Rock with U” about Jermaine Dupri describing a desire to have oral sex and takes him on tour.  All I can say is “Do you know how it feels.” I have to wonder!


”Vertigo is a symptom that can be something serious or not serious at all.  Certainly ear infections (Be the case) are curable and a person’s hearing can be fully restored if caught early. Exhaustion coupled with Vertigo due to an ear infection may have seemed more serious than it was undiagnosed.  But everything is under control and the show will go on once she fully recovers.  Her fans deserve 100% and not only must she recover but like an athletic she has to be in performance condition.  But what is the rush the tour has just started and we are not trying to run a sprint but want to get over all the hurdles.


The tour resumes Saturday October11th at the Mohegan Sun Arena, in Uncasville, Connecticut.  Where Janet and LL Cool J will continue the tour where they left off with plenty of music and dance, glitter and song, rap and fashion.  The show continues. The postponed shows will be rescheduled hopefully soon; new dates for Montreal, Boston, Philadelphia and Greensboro have yet to be announced.  Detroit has been rescheduled as you can see on the Itinerary.


Below is the current Schedule and Itinerary:


Latest update on Janet Jackson US Tour 10/10/08


Uncasville CT Mohegan Sun Arena – October 11th
Verona NY Turning Stone Resort – October 13th
Washington DC Verizon Center – October 15th
Rutherford NJ Izod Center – October 17th

Atlanta GA Philips Arena – October 19th
Houston TX Toyota Center – October 21st
Dallas TX American Airlines Center – October 22nd
Kansas City MO Sprint Center – October 24th
Tulsa OK BOK Center – October 26th
Auburn Hills MI Palace – October 28th

New York NY Madison Square Garden – November 1st


Live Nation promises to try to reschedule postponed shows and more show will be added.





Live Nation is willing to add to the Tour’s production two full time nurses who will send vital signs of the Janet & LL Cool J entourage to a central location to be examined daily by specialist if necessary with an on call traveling doctor as a preventative measure for future illnesses and injuries.  Contingent to Janet promise to her fans to cut back on the night life and put the focus on the tour and to drink plenty of water and no alcohol to prevent future heat exhaustion and fatigue due to water weight losses causing dehydration.


I explained to Janet:


The purpose of transmitting the medical information is so that specialist could see the data if necessary.  With a traveling doctor he/she can prescribe medications to the entourage on the road, and monitor there health.


We can code the names of the people for privacy during transmissions and encrypt the transmissions also; the information will be kept secured from the public, so their privacy will be protected.  This medical benefit is optional they do not have to take it but it will be there for them if she accepts the tour support.  We have to prevent something like this from happening again especially if we take the tour Worldwide.



So you can look forward to a blockbuster as in the past if Janet realizes she cannot work hard and play hard both anymore and this is the time to work to the pleasure of her fans, who she promised not to let down.  So a few major but small adjustments have been offered and like I said before this is a World Tour and this is just the beginning so prepare for the BUZZ world wide.


President George W. Bush signed the Bailout bill into Law during the afternoon of October 3rd, 2008 after the Congress both Senate and House of Representatives passed a historical modified bill.  Let us hope for a recovery in the world’s economy.  But know there is no shortage in Janet’s Tour Support and all systems are going ahead and she will blow away at a venue at a city near you.


Frank Paul Gambino



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