What has to be accomplished & Janet

What has to be accomplished & Janet


To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 9 October 2008


You need to define your objectives clearly on your birthday this year, because if you are vague about what it is you are hoping to accomplish the results will be vague too. It is better to have one solidly defined goal than a dozen that shimmer in and out of existence.

It may be the case that someone you live or work with is acting strangely but that does not mean they are up to no good. On the contrary, there are excellent cosmic reasons to believe that what they are up to is very good indeed – for you at least.

This will not take much time to answer, I think I can be straight forward without being too revealing.  The bottom line is we are talking about basically taxing untaxed revenue in New York City the home of the Five Families plus the newly formed by my authorization which is not negotiable the Jones Family to be known as the Gallo Family because this was Joe Gallo’s dream.  They are the Black Mafia. 

There job is to tax criminals and send the money back into the system to be taxed by the City and State of New York and the Federal Government.  These will be their jobs to run OBT and end the numbers racket which will be a conflict of interest and to operate the Casino Market in the City of New York.  The first money to be taxed is old illegal drugs money; some people will lose money back into the system and other will become overnight multi millions to invest into strong diverse portfolios and some will gain billionaire status.  Some will be blessed to invest in Gambino Pharmaceuticals at the ground code for the cure to AIDS and many other diseases in the future

My settlement with the Mafia is $100 to $200 Billion depending on the overall settlement, Casino Gambling in New York City and OTB (Off Track Betting).  So they have plenty money to invest into their operations to startup.   There are a bunch of settlements read the settlement proposal and I suggest the Crips and Bloods do on the West Coast what the Mafia is doing on the East coast to include the many investments laid out for them from trucking companies to supermarkets, but first the government gets their cut and this will be done n New York City.   The bottom line is that the next President of the United States will have no money unless they play ball with us or be the most unfriendly State in the world and close all the borders and pay no debts and end international trade.  That will never happen, so they are without a choice on this matter.

As for Janet she is saying she is alright in so many words, but it is time for a face to face not only with her but everyone and she is my conduit to the rest of the world.   Her settlement is whatever I decide 10% of Gambino Pharmaceuticals is worth.  It could be $1 Billion today and $10 Billion tomorrow, I think I was fair with her.  I do not think we travelled this far to screw this thing of ours up.  Am I worried?  A Little!  Is it to the point of anxiety?  No!  Sometimes you just have to wait things out, like I said yesterday the truth is past tense.  Why a person does something is almost as significant as to what they do.  Sometimes in war you actually intentionally lose battles to win the war, this is called a diversion tactic.

Frank Paul Gambino



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