Janet has some serious issues Cancels 2 more shows

Janet has some serious issues Cancels 2 more shows


Janet Jackson cancelled the Mohegan Sun Arena for tonight October 11th and the Turning Stone Resort and Casino for October the 13th, the new dates are to be announced, there is no word on Washington DC @ the Verizon Center on October 15th which is only 4 days away.  I am willing to bet she will scrap that one also, what a difference two days will make?  And I think sooner is better!


I am starting think the Rock Wit Chu Tour will be ended.  Being Def Island Jam is not promoting the album why should she.  My advice to her is to worry about getting better and cancel the tour  and reschedule the whole tour, everyone knows it is a great show, the BUZZ is out there but she is being very ill responsible and is messing with peoples time and plans.  People put days aside just to see her and nobody knows what to do anymore.  People take vacation days in advance to stay up late the night before just to attend her show.


She keep saying she is alright and continue to cancel shows at some point nobody is going to take her serious anymore and ticket sales will plummet even in the future.  My advice to her is to do a total reschedule with some new venues and some old ones and plan a second leg overseas and for Christ Sake change the name of the tour.  The name of the tour is about sodomy.  She might have to find a new opening act LL Cool J has gone on his separate set of events, so people who would have paid to see him with her, my well have seen him already somewhere else on another ticket. I say start fresh on November 1st at Madison Square Garden. 


This will at least create consumer confidence again, give her time to fully recover and time to work on rescheduling events.  The show is hot and everyone knows it, but let us face it she is incapacitated.  She has to honor past events first, because she made a contract to perform them, but we can find her some new places to perform as well and maybe this time work her only 3 days per week.  Sometimes less is more, the tour will take longer but it will be better for all parties being her, the entourage and the fans  The tour support is there she is the one AWOL.  We can pay the entourage to stay on until November and continue to rehearse, it will be the best thing for the long haul if we create a second leg overseas.


Frank Paul Gambino




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