Janet is making start to worry

Janet is making start to worry


To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 11 Saturday 2008


The one thing that might hold you back over the coming 12 months is if you pay too much attention to what others tell you and not enough attention to what your own inner voice is trying to say. Ignore those who claim to “know it all. They don’t.

With Neptune, your ruler, more active than usual this weekend your imagination will be working overtime, and that could be a good thing or it could be a bad thing. It’s more likely to be good if you focus on uplifting thoughts. Your mind creates your reality.

I do not know what I should think anymore or if it makes a difference.  Janet is cancelling one show after another, I am starting to worry about her, she says she is alright but her actions are the contrary.  I am not going to write about that show anymore until it actually starts back up and does at least two shows, but I am uncertain now, so I know what her fans are thinking.

Janet has a habit of saying stupid shit to make shit go on and on, she makes me feel unappreciated.  She told Tyra she was thinking about having monk man’s baby.  Tyra held that information to drop the bombshell just when Janet was to come to my neighborhood.  I told Janet she should ask Tyra who she wants to have a baby from.  Janet does not realize she is the only fool thinking about Jermaine, Tyra is trying to steal her real man, because she knows she has the tools.  But like I said the truth is past tense, but I am not going to wait forever for her to make her decision nor am I going to just imagine shit that her actions are not consistent with.

I was headed to the Mohegan Sun to see the show. I was going to pay Jermaine a surprised visit, we need to talk, but my imagination tells me Janet did not want that, but my heart says she is in recovery but from what.  Instead of these last minute cancellations maybe she needs to scrap the whole tour and reschedule the whole damn tour when she gets better, she has to production in place, how is anyone going to make money if she keeps cancelling out in the last minute and consumer confidence is getting worst each time. 

People take days off from work and plan their weekends just to see her, she cannot keep doing this.  The Mohegan Sun sold out the hotel beds this weekend.  She is becoming all talk and no action.  In my opinion she  just cancelled the most important show on the tour a weekend date on the Columbus Holiday weekend at a Native American Venue.  I just assume work on my home studio and go back out to Queensbridge and see old friends; I have nothing else to say, other than I found out my friend’s son got murdered in my neighborhood and may God have mercy on the people involved if it had anything to do with my friends relations with me.  The murderer is unknown to date.  For good reason my senses tells me he knew his killer, that eliminates a lot of people, but it does not mean he knew the person ultimately responsible, I told Janet to be careful.


Frank Paul Gambino


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