Is it the real life bodyguard?

Is it the real life bodyguard?


To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 12 October 2008


…this year you know you cannot carry on with the same old routine, so ask yourself how you can restructure your life from top to bottom, and then get help from people who know how to make changes that last.

Like everyone you have a skeleton or two lurking in your closet, but unlike most people you are not in the least bit ashamed of them. If someone tries to uncover one of your darker secrets this week don’t try to cover it up – admit how much you enjoy it.

Is my imagination running away with me or am I starting to smell the coffee, I had a dream a couple of nights ago and Janet was  having an affair with her driver and he said this has to end and she said never.  He asked her “How about me,” and she said he will never know.


So I pose this question:


Is it the real life body guard?


Alright Janet it is time to square up with me.  Are you or was you pregnant and if so by who, your bodyguard who “goes everywhere with to include home,” or was it a one night fling with LL Cool J as you claim the date was social but I never asked “It is social,” I know it was not Jermaine Dupri “ugly punk ass” Dupri.  He is your front man an homosexual and a friend that is a boy and not the other way around.  I always wondered about your relationship with the driver and either you or Latoya told me you had an affair with your driver now I think it was you.


You wrote me that fucking fan bullshit and tell me you do not know how to do something that if you really cared you would have taken the intuitive to find out.  “I do not know how to do that my people handle it.”  You e-mail me once in blue and about everything I find out about you is third party or a lie.  This is bullshit.  You did something or something is fucked up, but it is obviously in you power to fix or you’ll would came a gotten me to work magic, so tell me what is the fuck up.  It is your driver is not it?  Did you have an abortion in Canada?  Is that what you are recovering from?


If any of this is true why are you holding me back?  Say Paul live your life without me! I probably will anyway!


Some Love for Paul

You are right I have to live my life not as one with her but to my pleasure and have no shame in my game, because there is no longer any reason for me to be a lonely fool.  I did it to my self, she will either come around or she will continue to run around, but does it make a difference?

I plan to reacquaint myself to my friends and enjoy life, I tried you help Janet with her tour but she left me on the outside so fuck it, I wish her the best of luck, she will need it.  I do not need this and never really did, she just wants to cash in on the milking cow, but if you snooze you lose.



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