Something has to change soon

Something has to change soon


To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 19 October 2008


Make it your aim to prove wrong the critics and the cynics who are forever sneering that you are too nice to succeed. They’re right about your pleasant demeanor, of course, but they are dead wrong if they think it will stop you reaching the top.

Something disruptive will happen during the early part of the week, something that puts you on the defensive, but the Sun’s change of signs on Thursday will flip the situation on its head and put you back in control. The good times are coming.

Something has to change and immediately, either you open my case for service connected disability, which has been sitting in Washington DC for over 1 year for a decision or I have to find a full time job.  Yesterday you claimed I was depending on certain people too much and I asked for very little to have to hear that bullshit, so I will have to put my college degrees to work.  I held down a bullshit position so I could serve you and Janet, but you’ll do not compensate me enough to continue down this line.  And if you block me from doing it the right way I will resort to wrong things to survive and that will be the moral to the story.  It is up to you all.


Also I plan to move out of this apartment into another apartment complex, to allow myself more privacy and to free my hands to make more money, you are right I know how to make money  and the first step is to start doing me instead of you all.


Once I start to work full time I will not have time for this or Janet’s agenda, because there s only 24 hours in the day and between work and the studio my day is gone.  So it is up to you all pay me to supplement my salary or I work full time and will not have time for you’ll.


I have to go tot the dentist on November 12th, to find out how much my dental work will costs.  I need to replace one gold front add a second front that will be gold trimmed and I want a gold bridge to replace my old bridge, either someone has to cover the difference as to what I have or I will use plastic, which means I need more income to survive which means less time for you’ll.  This is not s threat, I am sure you all and Janet will be find without me, but I might have to move on if not properly compensated because bills are mounting.


I got some midrange Janet concert tickets to the show at the Madison Square Garden, I like to be able to sit down and see the show and stand during action and applaud when appropriate, so my seats are fine, they are a little higher than I would like but they will do, who is the lucky one I will tag along with is the question.  They taxed me close to $300, but I am happy I got the ticket; my problem is my income not my spending habits.


I am going to show you something and if you think my life deserves more disruptions bring them on but I am tired of the bullshit, I wrote this yesterday to Janet, I will show you an excerpt because for the most part the letter is not for public sight:


To be honest I am tired mentally, tired and bored with this whole arrangement, unhappy and disappointed and my apartment have no heat, so I do not have the motivation to get out of bed today.  I feel like you treat me like…on purpose and I cannot just do you and continue to ignore me…you feel I depend on you, when all the time I was busting my ass to assist you.  It is not right…


I am…upset and on the verge of…which is far from being laidback today without a worry.  When celebrities’ breakup they announce it through their publicist, it is on entertainment television.  You will probably shoot photos with Jermaine in Atlanta.  Instead of being happy I am having an anxiety attack in apprehension to the added bullshit….. 


You all can continue the bullshit, but if I snap and go ballistic know in your heart you provoked it.


Frank Paul Gambino



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