I need time to focus

I need time to focus


To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 23 October 2008


Your keyword for the year ahead is Passion – with a capital P. whatever it is you are most passionate about that is what your focus must be on every day, every hour and even every minute if you can manage it. Put everything into it and you’ll get even more back.

It is quite likely that your opinions and beliefs will go through a number of changes over the next few days, and you may well end up looking at life from a more interesting angle. The big picture is about to come into focus – and it looks pretty good.


If I could just get two months of straight studio time I could work something out.  It takes about a week to just get up and running properly, when you stop doing this you tend to forget programs and have to relearn them to use them to your advantage.  But I have been spending too much time writing because Janet lets the blogging network a name I gave to these people who spread negative shit.  Jermaine Dupri has one, he used it to promote him and Janet as a couple, now I think he is using it to sabotage her tour.  She has to do a better job moderating her web sites that she has control over and they have to do a better job at PR.


Personally I want to focus on my music, but it is like I forgot everything and is back to making settings which is about accomplished, then I have to watch tutorials and experiment before I can create the system I will use during these recording sessions.  But if Janet allows people to sabotage her tour and be passive in the moment that calls for assertiveness it really makes it difficult, it is like I am wearing too many hats.


I been here before, I was behind the Jackson’s comeback, that was why I did the bass lines on the Destiny album to add spice, it was about their comeback and I can do it again, but Janet has to do her part also.  It is time for her to stand up for something again personally and professionally all that partying and drinking bullshit does not mean anything.  We have to get back on track.  And yes I think Janet and Michael should tour overseas together, I think it will be a strong ticket even in these economic times.  I might have to tune Janet out on the web to write some meaningful and good to listen to material, I have everything I need, but time to truly focus on this project. 


Frank Paul Gambino


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