Janet & Jermaine all over? I had enough of you!

To: Janet

From: Paul

RE: Janet & Jermaine all over? I had enough of you!

Date: 23 October 2008


Note: I am not posting anything else for a couple of months, so I can work on my music.  And after I copyright it I will send it to you’ll.  I will write you some hits but I will do this one for pay.  I am not mad, just jealous at the time.  This is the last of me for awhile; you can do your Living the Life Routine with Jermaine.  I am still going to your show for entertainment.  I find you disturbing and a distraction, if you do not use these new materials, I will sell it to someone else.  I have some exciting ideas on my mind.  People might laugh at me but I will not know why because I am not going to read your stuff as much anymore.  I am tired of you!


Once again you made me look like a fool.  You are unbelievable should I get me a real date for the show?  You are unreal.  Are you secretly married again? LOL


Were you on a honeymoon as planned in France?  I do not know what to believe about you are these paybacks.  Do not post that shit I wrote today. LOL


Love Paul LOL

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