Nothing to prove or lose, a sad day!

Nothing to prove or lose, a sad day!


To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 25 October 2008


You will have plenty to say for yourself over the coming 12 months or so, especially if you have been following a tight- lipped policy in 2008. Speak up and let the world know what it is you really believe. Then sit back and enjoy the inevitable fallout.

You seem to believe that you must prove yourself in some way, which is strange because no one has even remotely suggested that you need to. Remember: you don’t have to be better than your rivals today, just better than you were yesterday.

I learned from experience that talk is cheap; nobody is listening to what I have to say unless it helps them directly.  When things are going good they ignore me and when things are going bad they become friends and family.  To be honest I am about out of words I said all that I can say and was far from tight lipped, the problem is I made too many empty threats and was made to appear weak.  I say the same thing over and over to deaf ears, I took one day off and Janet’s web sites turned into a Jermaine Dupri billboard courtesy of Def Jam which is ironic because Janet’s tour is name after a song on her last release and she is supposed to have left Island Def Jam, the appearance seems to be on the contrary.  If you look closely to this YouTube Video it says Photo courtesy of Def Jam.  So my hands may not be the only hands tied.  I guess with her new publicity campaign she is selling out at every show.

You say I think I have something to prove on the contrary you have something to prove, to regain my trust.  I do not believe you anymore, I think all of you’ll are a bunch of damn deceitful liars and users, with a lot of unresolved problems and until the problems become too much to bear, I will not get my due respect.  I am out of words and have no other option but to try to enjoy life at my station of life until things change, to enjoy life more and worry about this so called success when it comes, because you tend to hold the promise over my head.  I know all of you all will have to come to me sooner or later and I could be of help now, but I see no reason to fully comply anymore.

For the next two months through the elections and all, I think I will focus on my studio and create music, I am a little rusty because I have been away from it for awhile but I am certain I will find my touch, because no matter what I say or do it is not enough, what I say today tomorrow is yesterday’s news.  Jermaine says one insignificant thing and it is posted 100 times like it is a reality, so why waste my time when I have to work one hundred times harder to prove an equal point?  To be totally honest I feel used and abused and is being constantly disprove by the exact people I love the most and I am tired and have little more to say and have no choice but to leave it in the hands of the Lord whom is with me and in me, because vengeance is the Lord’s.  Like someone said on a comment on my site said, Janet is in Jermaine’s arms, so maybe it is about time I put someone in mine’s also, minus the guilt trip.  It is time to move on in more than one way, I am seriously thinking about moving to another country, because I am not appreciated or wanted her.  America is not all that and New York City is even less and what do I have to lose?  I all but gave up on all of you’ll.  When you look forward to revenge over change you know you have become damaged goods.  I do not feel like I have anything to lose but my life and that is not going to be offered. Today is a sad day and that has to change.


Frank Paul Gambino


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