Janet & JD ALL ACTS & More CRAP

Janet & JD ALL ACTS & More CRAP


The message of the day is no worth copying and pasting, because I care less about success now, and nothing is going to change unless I change it and I am trapped in a area surrounded by brink walls and a glass ceiling as is many black men.  So save the bullshit.  You aren’t anything to me, but a bitch ass nigger and stupid white boy and fuck you. You know who you are and so do I and I am talking about you. Save the false promises and shove your success up your ass.


My subject of the day is JD and Janet’s sitcom or is it live TV without a TV station (Live Internet).  I do not know or care if Jermaine is knocking the boots, but: Living the Life” is staged, he actually writes Janet’s scripts.  He tells her what to say and she says it, the shit is not real and does not prove a damn thing.  In fact the whole relationship is one big act, not to say I am not based on one big lie also.   So are promises made to be broken?  I do not owe anyone anything and no one owes me. And as far as I am concerned there is no cure to AIDS!


“As far as I am concerned I did all the right things to progress, but was surrounded by a brink wall and a glass ceiling.  The system held me down out of fear, it is that simple. It is not because I am dumb, untalented, uneducated or lazy, it is because it was not meant for me, but I never gave up.



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