Probably the truth

Probably the truth


To: Janet

From: Paul

Date: 26 October 2008


I am not angry Janet, I am posting shit you want people to believe, as for me I do not know what to believe anymore and that is how you want it.  You got me going in circles.  All I have is my right to vent and I cannot take it out on you anymore because to can throw a stones but cannot handle them coming back.


As I believe you are screwing Jermaine in my heart I know better, I watched and help create the rumors develop about the breakup, I told you to start the rumors to change the focus and it worked, then your publicist said nobody is going anywhere now and it started up again because he is one of her clients also,  So is rumor that you and Jermaine is a peer good for you or him.  My heart tells me you use Jermaine to keep men away as an excuse that you are already dating but that includes me.  I do not see any plans for me in the even distant future.  I am going to get on the studio at about 2:30 pm for about three and make a beat, I think I made 3 so far, hear is an experiment.  I plan to do these songs over and better the next time.


“As far as I am concerned I did all the right things to progress, but was surrounded by a brick wall and a glass ceiling.  The system held me down out of fear, it is that simple. It is not because I am dumb, untalented, uneducated or lazy, it is because it was not meant for me, but I never gave up.”





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