Let me do me & concert woes

Let me do me & concert woes


To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 27 October 2008


…means you won’t lack for energy or enthusiasm over the coming 12 months. The only danger is that you will attempt too many things and spread your resources too thin. Focus on the one thing that really turns you on…

…Don’t even think of sitting still today. Get out into the world and make things happen. With Mars on your side as the new week begins this could be and should be a time of adventure and exploration. Do something different. Do something daring. Do something….

Give me a break from the bullshit; you got me rubbing pennies talking about get out there man.  My movement is restricted and you know it, the only thing I have worth a damn is my studio, that is how I chose to invest my money and it is my refuge, from your constant bullshit.


Do you know I feel refreshed working on my studio and sleeping over the weekend, so why complicate shit because you say so, the fuck with you?  You do no mean me any good all you are is a constant stressor, just a reason for me to worry about shit, with false promises, but the one thing I know is time is one my side for several reasons, so until you come to me, I will just assume make music, go to Janet’s show next Saturday, simple shit, watch a movie eat and breath.  If you are my advisor you are as of now fired!  What do I need with your dumb fucking ass!


There is a simple solution to Janet’s concert woes, but she left me behind and took Jermaine on the tour so I will let him figure it out, I could put her in the green overnight, they do not know what they are doing.  There is a simple solution to turn her tour around even during these bad economic times.  I am sure her management will figure it out; the question is will she go along with the program.  I might tell her what she needs to do but she does not deserve a man like me, she feels what is mine’s is hers and what is hers is hers, I am much smarter than Janet and she does not respect that and Jermaine might know a little about music production and how to give a party, but he is an empty shell or he wants people to think this of him, which is about the same


My focus is on my music because it is a stress reliever and it always has been since my childhood.  I used to play the bass guitar because it was fun to me, now they have computerized studios and I can make complete songs from the inception of a beat to the complete song with lyrics, to my listening pleasure, which is a break from the bullshit I read daily on the Internet and I rarely watch television.


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