Janet goes on & LL Cold J can be replaced

Janet goes on & LL Cold J can be replaced


Janet Jackson will be performing at the New York Garden the MSG on Saturday November 1st   and LL Cold J will be doing a Halloween Party the night prior to the show in New York City and most venues do not allow such an act, because it is a conflict of interest.  I wish LL all the luck but he is not doing well at the time and his contribution to the tour was not what we expected, but it was an idea worth exploration, however the two shows do not compliment each other.


LL leaving the tour is as blessing up front, we was hoping he would have a hit record and attract people to the show, his album is a flop and everyone is coming to se Janet.  If a show did not sellout it is because he did not do his part and for Jermaine “Monkey” Dupri, nothing went right in Janet’s career since she started hanging out with that dude.  Janet will be alright she just needs to regroup and focus. 


Janet is not the one who is in trouble, but it is the people she can no longer afford to carry whose glory is fading.  Do I have to tell you who they are?  There names were mentioned!


Frank Paul Gambino


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