My Request List & Janet’s Tour

My Request List & Janet’s Tour


To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 30 October 2008


The message of the stars on your birthday this year is that you cannot go on expecting others to make decisions for you. It may have worked for you in the past but it won’t work now, so take responsibility for your actions – and live the life of your dreams.

If you need assistance today all you have to do is ask. With Mercury, planet of communication, making the best possible aspect to your ruler Neptune your questions will be answered and, most likely, your wishes will be granted with the minimum of fuss.


The message is to make public what is already private which is:

I am expecting some money soon, that will be enough to pay off all my debts and put me in the green, however my uncle wants me to buy a house, which means I might have to leave New York City where I can buy cheap, this depends on Janet, I understand there is a condominium in my name already.  Do I move in or what?  I know where it is but I am not going anywhere near Janet on a close and personal level without being invited.


I told Janet she should let me in on the tour, I could be of major help and assistance to her, but there is for some reason she has Jermaine Dupri running behind the tour.  That is on her!  I know how to apply initiative and I know how to improvise and these are the skills that she seems to be lacking on her team and entourage.  This is up to her.


I have two tickets not the best seats but what I wanted and I will be going to the show for entertainment, but I will give the rundown to a close friend and advisor during that day.  I wanted more tickets at least to invite more friends and or family, but I cannot be told they are at the box office the day of the show I need time to plan, sure I can pick them up on the day of the show that is how it is done, I need to know if my complimentary tickets were granted in advance by Janet’s management team.


The first source of money is about in the bag which will untie my hands, and there might be second source of money we will see and then I can work on getting my settlement.  I told Janet she needs to introduce me to the players as soon as possible and travelling with the tour would be an outlet to that end.


LL Cool J is a disappointment, he left the show to do a club the night (a party) before the big show at the Garden but you never know the finances of a person he might need immediate income.  Personally I think Keith Sweat would compliment Janet better and would be more mature.  But I still think the Janet & LL tour is worth exploring, but we will never know if we do not create momentum, he never shows up to perform I think he is conceited and think he is more important than he is.  We were trying to get him in with Live Nation in the future, but he showed no loyalty. So be it.  If I work the tour Jermaine can continue to work the cameras, but the boyfriend talk has to end abruptly.  Jermaine does not know but he did me a favor!


Frank Paul Gambino



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