Deception and Acceptance

Deception and Acceptance


To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 1 November 2008


The most important thing on your birthday is that you set your sights high for the coming 12 months. The next most important thing is that you focus only on your number one goal. Do those two things and you’ll enjoy success beyond your wildest dreams?

Neptune, your ruler, changes direction this weekend after a lengthy period of retrograde motion, and what that suggests is that you won’t be so easy to fool as you have been in recent months. Want to know who has been deceiving you? Look in the mirror.

Lately I have been getting a bunch of motivational speeches, put this one has a twist.  But this will be short and to the point because I have to relax today I will be up later than normal tonight and have things to do aside from resting for a few more hours.

I was always told not to let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, because they will set off mined fields.  I do not know the whole truth often I can only speculate, but I know the truth will come to the light and everything happens for a reason.  All I have to do is what I can and everything else will be taken care of at the Lord’s discretion and at his time and people like you will know the fear of the Lord.

I was not accepted for who I am, I was rejected in the ordinary, but everyone will be on my tip in the extraordinary, as they accepted others in the ordinary, so who is being deceived and who is deceiving who.  I know the Lord better than any person could possibly know him but only he knows what he knows, so who am I to deceive self, when I am a shell that that the spirit resides in and merely protects me from harm, with limited insight.

Aside from the philosophy, Janet blames me for the cancellation of the Mohegan Sun Resorts and Casinos, I wrote her a Marco Management idea called the Added Attraction Theorem, to start taking bids on opening acts based on accountable measures, we need someone to fill in another 4,000 seats each night and not just someone to be there in name with no numbers, they have to have a fan base.  I want Janet to play the Mohegan Sun during the holiday weekend of Christmas or New Years and that can still be arranged.  But like I told her she is the master of her own demise, if she thinks running around with Jermaine Dupri all over the country while she leaves me out of the loop leaves a good impression or perception and makes people think she plans to do right by me and therefore support her tour as my wife she is wrong.  It was not my decision but John’s that she would face hard times until she did right by me and that is not money it is love, I was rich when I was 16 years old.  John Gotti said, until she has problems she would run around with those people until the end, I reluctantly agreed to her facing woes, because I love her, but I could not accept being on the sidelines forever.


Frank Paul Gambino


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