I came as an observer and was impressed

I came as an observer and was impressed


To: Janet

From: Paul

Date: 2 November 2008


I went to the concert not as a fan but as an observer, because I wanted to know what I was writing about.  I could not yell with the fans because I have an emergency situation dental my crown is a temporary fix until my appointment later this month, but I noticed a few things.  Before I go any further I want to say I have nothing negative to say, you put on an excellent show and you have true fans in New York City and need to perform at the Mohegan Sun Resort and Casino, to complete your New York Metropolitan Leg.


Your fans are not a bunch of drunks and beer is not a favorite beverage at a Janet Jackson Rock Wit Chu Concert.  You should get Monster Energy Drinks to sponsor your tour; I think the high energy show and high energy fans would be complimented by the sales of Energy Drinks and not beer.


There was a shortage of memorabilia, a lot of people complained that they wanted a Janet Jackson Rock Wit Chu bag, I bought the last one for my niece whom I took to the show, she is 12 years old, enjoyed herself and will never forget the day.  I got me a tour book, now she wants one too late.


I noticed your fans almost never sit down, even where I was I had to stand up almost the whole show, it was a very high energy show.  I noticed that you were at about 90% plus capacity almost a sellout if not a sellout crowd and your stage setup gives almost everybody a good view at some point.  And nobody sits behind the stage, so it is like renting a 3 bedroom house for a 2 bedroom show; one room is not being used.  You impressed me last night, you had so many good songs that the show ended as fast as I c got comfortable.  Keep up the good work!


Oh, Michael I believe loves his brothers and you and really wants the reunion, but the skin issue is stopping him, he knows his look will be a distraction to the show.  People will say he does not look like them, I think Michael has become insecure about his look and would prefer to hire a few white people to fit in, we have to fix Michael and then a Reunion will be possible.


As for an opening act if it is an added attraction it would be a good thing, I would just assume play in 2 bedroom house opposed to a 3 bedroom house with 2 bedroom show, you dig?  In any case you built back the momentum. 


Love Paul

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