My Focus & the Truth

My Focus & the Truth


To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 2 November 2008


Just because there is nothing you cannot do does not mean you have to do everything. You can multi- task if you want over the next 12 months but your specialty is your ability to focus relentlessly on one thing at a time until it is finished. Play to your strengths.

What is more important than the truth? Nothing at all!  With Uranus in your sign opposed by Saturn this week you must insist on knowing what is going on, at home, at work, in your social scene and in your love life. You cannot allow lies to prevail.

I want to focus on my music thing for the next couple of months and do less writing.  Hopefully I will get a package soon and money will be a non issue, while I focus on music.  Once I get my crown fixed, I will be able to also work on lyrics.  Singing is not a good thing for a loose crown.  My dentist suggested I get an implant that looks natural opposed to gold.  I think it will be another week before I get fully into the studio thing, I know the programs I want to use this time already.


As for love, sex and Rock Wit Chu it is up to Janet to fess up, I tell her everything, she feeds me lies and I accept I will never know where she has been until we meet again, so why worry about it, because it is a distraction.  All I can do is the best I can do one day at a time.  Thanks for posting early, now I will get some needed rest.





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