Moving On

Moving On


To: President George W. Bush

From Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 3 November 2008


The next 12 months will bring a number of disruptions, especially in the more creative areas of your life. Don’t worry too much if your projects keep stopping and starting – the more fine-tuning you do the more successful your ventures will be.

Generally speaking you enjoy surprises but what comes at you out of the blue today may be the last thing you want to see happen. If so, stay calm and keep reminding yourself that, ultimately, all change is good. Maybe it’s time to move on.

Janet Jackson had NYC rocking this weekend with her “Rock Withcu Tour” that flooded MSG on Saturday night. The couple was spotted on arrival for Janet’s After Party at Club Citrine in downtown Manhattan. Jermaine Dupri’s face is priceless…you can only imagine what he is thinking – while paparazzi “beast” for a head shot.

Yea it is time to move on man, the letter she wrote yesterday evening was me indicator of that.  I wasted a little time a lot to most people but they do not share my vision, I have long life to live.  Janet is not right for me, I just felt I owed her at least the attention I gave her over the last several years, but not my conscience is cleared, I know I did all I could do to win her over but commit murder, which I will not do.  She and Jermaine might actually make a good couple and I wish them the best of luck.

I still plan to focus on my music, Janet has a lot of my material it would be the honorable thing to send it back, but since when have she been a woman of honor.  I am sorry her show ended as it did, it was a very good show worth touring.  Actually I am not heartbroken whatsoever I saw this coming, I guess now they will get married and have the Brady Bunch full of little people.  Who cares anymore?

I do not think my family wanted me with her anyway, there are a lot of things I probably find out now about her.  I have to admit I am disappointed in several ways, nothing worked out like my settlement and presidential pardon, but has long as I ran behind her, it probably never would have happened for reasons beyond me.  Now that Janet knows it is over from my end as well, she should not expect anymore explanations as to my behavior I will just assume to do me.  Nothing changed expect for Janet is out of the picture.


Frank Paul Gambino




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