You’re right there are things I must let go of

imag0117You’re right there are things I must let go of


To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 4 November 2008


You will need to choose between the future and the past over the next few months. There may be some things you don’t want to leave behind but deep down you know you must let them go. Start getting rid of all that emotional baggage.

Cosmic activity in one of the more positive areas of your chart is giving you both the confidence and the courage to make far-reaching changes. If you feel that you would be happier in a different environment now is the time to break free and start living.


Mistaking Consideration and Kindness for weakness


I rejected about 6 dates with beautiful women and intentionally took my great niece to her MSG show to show consideration towards her.  And the same night she went out with Jermaine Dupri to her after party, to be with her friends.  But I do not feel like a fool because I know I did the right thing, I gave my 12 year old niece a memorable moment in her young life.  But this has forever changed the way I feel about her, I think Janet are grime.


In short I really do not care anymore about any of this, she feels I am not good enough for her now and I will feel the same way about her later.  I do not need Janet, never did and never will, I wanted her and the person I wanted does not exist anymore, the Janet I see now is nothing but grime.


What happens from this day on, I have nothing to do with neither will I be an attacker or protector, I will simply observe without comment.  Funny shit can happen and they have not seen anything yet.


What do we have in common?


We come from neither different world’s nor does she want to invite me into hers or visit my environment so what do we really have but a bunch of bullshit.  She is not even capable of having empathy towards me, because she never been without, she sees the world from a selfish perspective, put simply she is a selfish person, yet I have always been selfless and she does not know when to stop taking and give back.  All she is good for is taking.  As I confess to my truths as I know them, all she does is lie over and over again.  She is nothing but a selfish taker and the wall ran dry.  She needs to know hard times and that can be arranged.


Living a better life?


If living a better life is contingent to being with her you can keep it.  I want what is mine’s with the option to choose who I want to spend my life with.  Love and respect is earned and she did nothing to earn my love and shows me no respect.  So do not even entertain the idea that you pay her and she takes care of me.  You pay me and I take care of me and if she cannot respect me in her station of life, I do not have to love her in my new station in life.  I honestly do not know anymore about my feelings towards her.  She is very inconsiderate all in the name of entertainment, her Diva status is all that matters to her and that is who she is married to and she seems to be very happy with it, so why change gears to bother with me now, just keep having fun.


I do not want anything to do with her childish world, my reason for power and wealth is to be in position to help people and not take pictures to say look at me I am living the life that is not about shit.  All she does is hang out with little kids and that I not about shit.


Frank Paul Gambino

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