Now We Can Start Fresh

janet-rock-wit-chu-poster1Now We Can Start Fresh


The original plans were not for Janet to travel around the country with Jermaine Dupri trying to support his ass, but on the contrary she was supposed to be a money collector to pick up old debts, because a lot of people in high places are in debt to me.  I told her to do a USO Leg to the tour; she obviously did not apply because it is a 6 months process which means she would be touring the military about now.  They cover logistic and the sponsor covers talent fees.


She was requested to not name the tour Rock Wit Chu but something more relevant like the Janet Jackson Greatest Hits tour.  She was told to release a greatest hit SACD or CD to compliment the tour and 4 new singles; she was supposed to arrange for the show to be carried by Reel Time Theaters under the umbrella of AAFES.  But she did not listen to anything I told her instead she chose to leave me out of the loop and what she did to me the night of the MSG show was unforgivable and totally inconsiderate.  Now it is up to her either I am in or the whole shit shuts down. I have vested interest far beyond her show.


Studio Time


I will take personal day on Thursday for an appointment and then take off Friday and Monday is approved and uses the time to reflect and get my studio system in order.  I am doing too much at one time and need a long weekend to set in place a system of recording music.  I have several programs I have to integrate into one system.  Once I have the system together I will be able to record on my time off from work, but I need to establish the system I will use during the upcoming recording sessions.  I plan to use a lot of VST and VSTi this time around, what I want to do might take a few months, like 3 or 4, but in 2 months I should see results.  I had to setup Norton 360 to allow my programs to run properly.




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