Reflecting, Studio Time & Obama

imag01191Reflecting, Studio Time & Obama


To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 5 November 2008


Family and financial issues are under excellent stars on your birthday and in both areas there will be unexpected good news over the coming 12 months. Listen carefully to others’ creative suggestions. What they tell you today could make you a fortune tomorrow.

You may be in the kind of mood when any risk is deemed acceptable but not everyone shares your gung-ho attitude and several friends and colleagues may seek to distance themselves from you today. That’s sad, because they will miss out on the glory.

It is time for me to reflect, I am not totally convinced I have family, friends or colleagues, I feel like I am out here alone, being fed one lie after another.  What Janet did on Saturday, I do not know if I can ever forget and can you truly forgive someone when you still feel the pain?  That was the ultimate rejection and I am sick and tired of her.

I plan to take a few days off from work to organize myself, I am doing too much at one time, I need time to setup a recording system for my next recording sessions and I need time to myself, to reflect.  My conscience is clear to do whatever makes me feel happy in the moment.  Who should I be faithful to but myself?  I really do not know if I care anymore!

I know I will not stay angry very long, but I am still angry now.  I am tired of being treated like a second class citizen.  Maybe President Elect Obama is a good thing, as people might think they elected a civil rights leader they elected a president, who will be forced to make decisions they may not like, but will have to live with.  In any case the Bush era has passed away and if Obama wants to spend loads of money, he will have to talk to us, so it might be a good thing, we will see.  In any case I do not want any harm to come to him, let him ride out his term, an Obama assassination I will take very personal and people in high places will pay for it and that is a promise, if not immediately they will pay on my day.


Frank Paul Gambino

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