People do as the please in the moment

234007m1People do as the please in the moment


To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 6 November 2008


Make it your aim to look at the world through other people’s eyes. Whenever you find yourself in a situation where you cannot agree with someone try to see the situation from their perspective. If you can understand them you will understand yourself better too.

Others will find it hard to tell when you are being serious and when you are being playful. They need not worry though, because even when you are being serious you will retain a playful attitude to everyday events. Life is supposed to be fun after all.

I asked my supervisors at my job in formal letter, if I have double jeopardy or double privileges.  For the longest I lived as if I had double jeopardy, meaning I could not have relations with the employees at the job or the residents at the apartment complex and called this behavior professional.  Yesterday we had a departmental lunch among Quality Assurance (QA) Staff and I popped the question again because I never received a response officially.  The answer given by the senior vice president was that at home I am at home and at work I am at work, I have double privileges.  Meaning as far as relations are concerned I have a freehand.

Now as to your questions, I realize people tend to do what makes them feel good in the moment, without regard to the feelings and emotions of loved ones.  They date whenever they feel like going out and Lord only knows what they do behind closed doors, so if I do what makes me feel good in the moment and I do have a freehand to mingle now, I will understand that this is what humans do and I am human right?  Why go crazy worrying about someone else only because I chose to have no life when living is going to alleviate some of the pain, we people do not want to make sacrifices if it means pain do we?  The song by Avant is all Hollywood, we do not want to live our mate when it hurts, but only when it benefits us.  I understand perfectly clear.  I am tired of the flip flop emotions over nonsense, so I choose to live sometimes also.

Playful, I am off until Tuesday of next week and will work rigorously on my studio, to get certain programs under my belt and make as many beats as I can make over a 4 day weekend, using Monday to recover.  What I told Janet I was going to get from my doctor will be requested and after this appointment in the morning I will be all studios!  I made a couple of good beats last night, I have learned to implement new programs to my repertoire and I am learning the deficiencies of my studio, I could use more power but what I lack in power I can get through patience.  As long as I do not ask too many commands at once it works well and I save my work as I go along.


So in a nutshell it is no longer about love and respect or being faithful it is about what I need in the moment, because that is how people think.  By the way at the lunch the QA Director mentioned someone is the Uncle of Alicia under our umbrella. He does not know my actual relations.  They are looking for a celebrity to do a show to benefit the agency, I might try to arrange for Janet and Alicia to do a benefit concert at the Garden for the Agency next year after their tours and responsibilities are fulfilled.  It will be a benefit concert and (they) the agency would have to rent the venue, personally I think the WaMu Theater would be more appropriate, but we could easily fill the Garden.  (They) Janet & Alicia will need sponsors to cover talent fees and the agency can cover logistics.  The agency is connected to the Bank of America a perfect sponsor.


Frank Paul Gambino



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