Big things are coming?

imag01951Big things are coming?


To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 8 November 2008


You will achieve something truly remarkable this year, something that sends shock waves not just through your family and social circles but into the world at large as well. You always knew you were capable of great things. Now others will know it too.

Uranus, planet of genius, is energized in your sign by the Sun over the next few days, so good ideas will flood into your brain as if a dam has suddenly burst. Maybe it has. Maybe at last you are ready to think beyond the limits you were taught to believe in.

Well the year is almost over, but if I accomplish anything I set out to accomplish, it will certainly send out shuck waves, because they’re all major in the scope of things.  Whatever it is I hope it is humanely correct.  To be totally honest if people only knew where I been and what I already done it would send shock waves, what I confessed to few believe they only see my station in life, which is the moral of the story faith in what you cannot see.

I always thought big and I think even bigger than what I wrote about such as curing diseases and living 150 years on the average, gambling casinos in New York City to balance the state budget and resolve the economy of the country by allow the gangsters to tax the gangsters as the government tax the tax collectors.  I think much bigger than just curing AIDS, but the world is not even receptive to my typical vision so how could they be ready for the vision God has bestowed upon me.  So I say let the natural do the natural things and let the supernatural do the supernatural things and we will give to the world leaders that which belongs to them as a representative of the people, and give to God which is God’s, we can start with respect that is faith based, which will transcend to performance based especially by those who had faith, which is few and in-between.


Frank Paul Gambino


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