Janet should release book on human factor



Janet should release book on human factor


So what Janet put on a few pounds, since losing too many, but it is human nature to balance itself out.  I saw Janet at the MSG and she looked like she was at her natural weight, not too fat and not to skinny and she got around well and look very good.  Contrary to perception Janet is not a petite woman she is a sister with meat on the bones and if her book is about selling skinny as in, it will be a turn off to most women, especially the everyday black women who will buy her book.  But if the book is about the human factors and her up and down weight swings; it will be an interesting read.


I happen to know Janet has an eating disorder and over indulges when she is worried about something.  Does she have something to worry about now, the answer is maybe, but we will never know until she brings us into the real world of Janet.  Is she insecure about her natural weight that is for her to expose to the world.  I thought her book was going to be about the real Janet and not a partite promo.  If it is about the real Janet, I will be the first on the line for an autograph copy, but if it is just more Hollywood bullshit about how I got skinny, yea she should keep it on the shelves even if she takes the pounds back off, because it will be all unnatural bullshit.  When is the real Janet going to stand up and be heard?


Frank Paul Gambino


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