Enough of the pep rally motivational speaker stuff

22p01551Enough of the pep rally motivational speaker stuff


To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 10 November 2008


The Sun on excellent terms with both luck planet Jupiter and surprises planet Uranus on your birthday means you are going to have a fun time over the next 12 months. Don’t make any hard and fast plans, just sit back and let the good times come to you.

Make a conscious effort today not to judge people whose values and standards may be at odds with your own. It takes all sorts to make a world and while some of those you meet may not be to your liking life would certainly be less interesting without them.

I plan to live one day at a time.  I have been working rigorously on the home studio the last few days.  What I accomplish I think was phenomenal and it will only get more complex.  I plan to work on the music end for awhile, but I want to write a few songs about social issues.  I do not feel I can write good love songs now because I do not feel loved I feel expectations and preconceived notions.  I feel like the person who loves and receives no love in return.  I guess I can sing the blues and add rhythm to them, but people need to be educated and uplifted and that is what I want my next works to represent.


I need to write a letter to the Governor of New York to get my nephew a get out of jail card, it will not be free; I am all about Quid pro quo.  I just want to say enough of the pep rally motivational speaker bullshit, let us tackle some of the issues or do we wait for President Elect Barak Obama? From you I want my VA pension and presidential pardon, am I asking too much?  Both of them are well deserved and earned.


All I have to say is when is tomorrow going to become yesterday?


Frank Paul Gambino

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