Janet’s Tour May Still Have Hope

janet-rock-wit-chu-poster2Janet’s Tour May Still Have Hope


It may not be completely over, just the end of a phase of development.  Contrary to the belief that I suggested Janet end the tour, I totally embrace her continuance, however with a new name and face.  I made a few minor suggestions that I think would only help the tour and I will share them with the public and the fans can give her feedback, this is not a dictatorship, the tour is for the fans and the customers are always right.


I suggested she rename the tour from [Rock Wit Chu] to [Janet’s 42 the Greatest Tour], because it is a tour mainly about her greatest hits and not really to promote Discipline which is getting little support by Island Def Jam, other than a stalker following her around the country, claiming to be a record executive a producer, must I give a name, they call him Jermaine Dupri.  Contrary to popular belief that I am not in support of Janet, the culprit to the stagnation of the tour is probably his stalking ass behavior.


I said, Janet record about 4 new songs in-between gigs for radio airplay to be carried by Clear Channel Communications who controls over 1,200 radio station across the country and is the father of Live Nation.  She needs a new song carried on the airwaves on a regular basis.  I also suggested she release on preferably a SACD a greatest hit album to support Janet’s 42 Greatest Tour.  Why SACD, because even if it is an audio release and not the high technology SACD it all can fit on one SACD.  An SACD can hold about 216 minutes of music in audio format; she could literally pack all her best songs on one audio SACD.


I thought that Janet proved she can attract a certain amount of people herself, between 8,000 and 10,000 per night without a hit record as a solo act.  So I feel one of two things should take place, either she should play smaller venues that will guarantee a sellout crowd every night or add and added attraction with an independent fan base that will attract at least 4,000 people to the show , which will create more sellout crowds to the current venue size.  Why rent a 3 family home for a two family show, it is a waste of a room, in this case venue space and overhead to the promoter that eats into the profit margin.  This is totally a business decision.


If Janet play a the smaller venues she should reduce the show to 2 hours and remove the sex act, and make the show completely family oriented an play some 4 pm shows on Sundays for the kids.  I took my niece to the show at Madison Square Garden and the show was great for her other than that sex scene, I mean my niece looks up to Janet and she is only 12 years old for Christ sake.  Yes the act brings the crowd to their feet, but if you even been to her show the crowd never sits down anyway.


Finally I suggested she add an USO Leg to the tour under the sponsorship of someone who does business with AAFES or even better would like to do business with AAFES.  The Army Air Force Exchange Service is multi billion dollar operation and controls over 6,500 Movie Screens under Reel Time Theaters and a condition of touring the military I wanted it on the contract rider that the concert be viewed on Reel Time Movie Screens around the world.  So even though Janet will only receive logistical support from the military for touring the USO circuit, the sponsor who will solicit business with AAFES, will make money from the other end, by promoting their products to the men and women and dependents of the military, Janet will get paid by showing to concert on the big screens of Reel Time and her entourage will receive talent fees through the sponsor.


What you think?


Frank Paul Gambino


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