Sorry for not being rational to the ordinary mind

imag01952Sorry for not being rational to the ordinary mind


To: President George W. Bush & President-Elect Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 12 November 2008


So many of your dreams and wishes can still come true but they will come true more quickly and more easily if you stop setting yourself targets that are impossible to reach. Take each new day as it comes, then let it go once it is done.

Simple pleasures mean a lot to you and you will get a great deal of enjoyment out of the day if you spend it with your closest friends. You don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary; just being in each others’ company will make the world seem special again.

I prefer to fall short trying to accomplish what may seem impossible, than to set my goals on the rational to the ordinary mind, because there is nothing ordinary about my gifts.

I am sorry for believing diseases can be cured and not simply treated to make a perpetual profit.  I am sorry for believing the only answer to our current health crisis is to cure diseases, to reduce the need for constant treatment for the same illnesses and if we cure diseases people will live longer.  What is so impossible about these concepts?

I am sorry for requesting a legalization act in New York City to bring gambling casinos into New York City, so that the gangsters can tax the gangsters and the government can therefore tax the tax collectors.  What is so impossible about privatizing OTB and legalizing casinos so that basically drugs monies can resurface back into the system at a 50% tax bracket?

And once again I am sorry for requesting that the space program NASA changes its priorities from searching for life sustaining elements and search for energy.  Because with energy stations on other planets and the moons we will be able to travel through space distances unimaginable. And I am sorry but living 150 years is just the beginning of my dreams.

As for my friends, I left them a star with a mission, I come back to them and they have nothing, not decent store or business.  What am I supposed to do go back to the old neighborhood and kick it on the curb?  After the journey I have taken I refuse to go back to them without anything to show for my absence all these years.  They do not deserve to be in the condition of life they are in and would not be in the current position if I stayed home in the first place.  But being I did leave do not expect me to return with empty hands.  They lost everything, they lost at least 20 years; they do not even own a decent barbershop.  Meanwhile people like you live the lime life.  My friends in Queensbridge need urgent help and not a new hangout buddy to kick it on the curb, they need business establishments.  If I cannot help make this happen I do not need to be around them.


Frank Paul Gambino

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