Janet, Presidents, Money & Crime Control

imag0123Janet, Presidents, Money & Crime Control


To: President George W. Bush & Pres. Elect Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 13 November 2008


Don’t let anyone tell you that your dream is unrealistic. Don’t let anyone tell you that what you want to do most is beyond your capabilities. The more others try to warn you off the more you can be sure they are afraid you will succeed. Prove them right.

Your sixth sense seems to be buzzing at the moment and what it is trying to tell you is that you need to be on your guard. Someone who has a way with words will try to confuse you with facts and figures but if you play dumb they won’t succeed.

A Janet Overview

Give her something constructive to do so she does not have to resort to trivial things to stay in the media.  I want her tour to receive a second leg to include a USO 10 day tour with 4 performances, I do not want her to go to the Middle East, they can see the show at Reel Time Theaters.  I think up to 10,000 capacity venues will be appropriate as a solo act and a DJ or something to give the crowd time to settle in.  I want t her to do the Casino circuits and give her a movie, hell turn my screen into a movie.


Janet says pregnancy rumors untrue


…The pregnancy rumors are untrue and do not plan to end my tour “I was sick for awhile.”…I will not go there, but all and all this is a good day for Janet fans.  It looks like she will be back soon….


Pres. Bush & Pres. Obama


I say mean things about Pres. Bush because he is an asshole, but I know he did what he had to do and he set the stage for an Obama Presidency, I do not think President Obama is by chance nor was President Bush.  I remember Bush conversations but are unclear on Obama I only know we discuss a black president.  Bush made a deal with the devil thinking it was God on 9/11/01 while in airspace, they knew his frequency and airspace and he feared for his life, but it was by his father’s permission, he was hoodwinked and he made his decisions based on his belief code in God.  He thought Satan was God.


Now Obama has to make a deal with God and people will say he is in bed with Satan, because the world has it backwards, the world thinks Satan is God and God is Satan.  I could sugarcoat the have to do list, but very few people even know what we are doing the less that I am.  I am not going to go into what we have to do today, I will simply say we have to resort to unconventional means to get the money right, we have to end the drug wars as we know it and allow new money to enter into the system, by means of gambling enterprises.  To be blunt it is money laundering, but so was the bailout bail. 


President Obama will need a lot of money and this is how I would like to arrange to give it to him.  This will not be the first time the Mafia helped the government fight and win a war.  Fact it!  (World War Two)  The Mafia is to Big Business what the CIA is to the Government.  The Mafia is not a criminal enterprise as it is known as, the Mafia is crime control.  The term organized crime really means crime under control, today crime is out of control, and there are no rules.  I am just being honest.  Law enforcement cannot control crime, they can only enforce it, the element missing is control.


Frank Paul Gambino




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