New Priorities

flagNew Priorities


To: President George W. Bush & Pres. Elect Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 16 November 2008


It’s okay to plan things out several steps in advance. In fact, with Mercury aspecting Saturn on your birthday it is probably essential. Others may say you need to be more flexible but you know what it is you really need – and it’s not more instability.

Do you stick with what you know and trust or do you take the kind of risk that might put your reputation on the line? Ultimately, only you can answer that question but life is so dull when you play it straight down the line. Time to be brave! 

Janet turned out to be a major disappointment, I put her first to no avail, now I am forced to put her on the backburner and focus on a settlement and my money.  Once I get paid the gold digger will follow, but she will become one of many, so the question will become do I do her the way she did me and date all of Hollywood and ignore her?

I want to add Comptroller Bill Thompson and Governor David A. Paterson to my friends list; I plan to get very political.  I plan to bring the focus back to my account and away from and, I will continue to post over there but my targeted audience will go back to my friends at because they are more mature as whereby and read the gossip and trivial stuff and not what I think is important, so to focus on them with political issues is counterproductive.

To the best of my knowledge David Paterson has no website which is unfortunate if he plans to run for governor, I did not check on Bill Thompson yet, I will do so today. has enormous reach and frequency especially for celebrities and politicians.  I think he (Thompson) will be at the VA on 23rd street in Manhattan today @ 5 pm, if so I plan to visit the ceremony for Veterans.  I need to start visiting people and events to see passed the media.  I need to go to the Churches and non profit events to get up to date on what the issues of the day are from the mouths of those who are making the statements.


I heard Governor Paterson on the radio yesterday and he claims nobody gave him any serious alternatives from budget cuts and that Wall Street income to the state dropped 20% and he had all these projections as to budget shortfalls in the present and future.  I told him we will balance the budget if given the losing entity of Off Track Betting and Legalized Casino Gambling in New York City.  Yes Las Vegas is having hard times but so is New York, because they are counting on one form of income too much, for New York City privatizing OTB and Legalizing casino gambling will diversify our source of taxation


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