It is always a promise and no action

22p015512It is always a promise and no action


To: President George W. Bush & Pres. Elect Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 20 November 2008


You won’t have to look hard to find success this year. The right opportunity will arrive at just the right time and in just the right way – all you have to do is recognize it and respond to it positively. There is a real possibility that you will strike it rich.

You may or may not be ambitious by nature but over the next few days you will start thinking about ways you can improve your life on a professional level. Use your Pisces charm to win round people in positions of power. You’ll want them on your side.

I am having problems exporting at 24/48K, my program tend to dither down to 16/41.1. I have to figure a way around this, one opinion is to store the 24/48 on a flash drive through a send to order a more expense storage medium, but however an option.  I think I just need to do a little reading, there are other options like burning one at a time one CD-RW disc’ I am attempting to do something I never did before.  I want my musical compositions in studio quality format before I delete the original tracks.

So I am going to strike it rich again?  I heard something like that before, yet I am still on the sidelines.  You cannot even resolve my claim in Washington DC as a positive gesture; you spend more money keeping me down than you do spending it on me.  You say all I am is an ideas man; well I resign from that until I am compensated.  I told you too much over the years already.

I am upgrading my studio, to be honest I need a more powerful computer period, but when you are rubbing pennies you have to pick and choose and watch all the dramas from the sidelines, you know what I am talking about right?  You’ll fucked me over bad and ultimately it will come with a price or are you paying for it now, the economy and all?

My problem might be the CD itself, I might have to resort to DVD audio which is 24 bits, which makes little since being I have 24 bit information on CD’s that contain samples and loops.  I have a problem I will solve this weekend.  As you can see where this conversation is going!  Is the conversation going nowhere?  That is because you all are full of shit!  You screwed up my personal life, family life, business life and life in general and all you have to say is you are going to.  When tomorrow becomes yesterday I will start to take you serious, even if it is a little thing, but you deliver nothing but false promises.


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