Music & education a futuristic approach

micheal-in-studioMusic & education a futuristic approach


We always say children of today will be the leaders of tomorrow, but even good leadership has a hierarchy and in the military I was thought that good leaders must first learn to follow.  But that is not the argument I present in this letter, but in a crafty way I mentioned it anyway.


The question our educational system has to ask and the leadership of today who will design the curriculum for our children in school today is what is the blueprint of the world tomorrow.  What are the types of jobs that will be available and what are the requirements necessary to fill these slots in order to have a strong economy and national security.


We have to address the real world and the real challenge of improvising in terms of making due with what we have.  What do we want our children to do for and in America in 2020 and 2030 and beyond?  I mean is eloquence still the ability to play a violin?  Let us face it music is made mostly on computers, using software programs and electronic instrumentation and more likely the instruments and sounds are virtual and synthesized.


Education should be give and take, meaning I will teach you what you want to learn if you let me teach you what I think you need to learn to support and protect the American way.  First; I say due away with most instruments in the classrooms and teach kids Acid, Reason, Live, Pro Tools, Sonar, Cubase, Sound Forge, Audition and other programs that will be applicable in the real world of music, not only will it attract students back the education empire, but will demonstrate that the education given applies to real world situations and it would create demand for these products as well.


Things like electronic dictionaries and advanced calculators and computers are skills that are much more valuable than short term memory testing.  Our education system is based on short term memory and not on the ability to think improvises and show initiative and these are the qualities in the real world that people look for to pay for the performance of tasks and to have projects being carried out.


I just think education should be fun and not stressful.  The challenge of thinking is a joy to most people when it makes sense to them.  Education should not be confusing but should be step by step arrangements that leads to an understandable and agreed upon goal.  Children should be allowed to go to school to learn what they want to learn if they demonstrate they have the necessary skills and abilities to comprehend the agenda put forth.  We have to implement technology into the classroom and music technology is just an example as to how to get our kids interested in the sciences and arts of the world of tomorrow.  Children will learn what they have to know, even as we teach them what they want to know, this is called making education interesting and applicable.


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