Plans, Priorities and what’s Important

imag01021Plans, Priorities and what’s Important


To: President George W. Bush & Pres. Elect Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 26 November 2008


Something you start over the next few months will grow very big, very fast and before you know it you will be a bit of a celebrity. Enjoy the applause and the rewards but don’t allow yourself to be distracted. Staying at the top is even harder than getting there.

Once Uranus turns direct again in your birth sign tomorrow you will find it much easier to come up with new solutions to old problems. You will also find it easier to persuade others that you know what you are doing – even if you don’t.

I do not mean to sound ungrateful, in fact I plan to write a song this weekend called “greedy mother for ya” about the illusion of hard times in America, for example we are in a recession; meaning instead of spending $900 on Christmas gifts the average person will spend $700.  I mean we live an obese society; the average person is overweight in America to include poor children, so why do we complain because that is a greedy mother for ya.  We are greedy for sex, material things, we never have enough we always want more, we are a society of addictions and we want what we see and cannot have what we see because it is not meant to be and that is a sign of a society that is greedy, “greedy mother for ya,” when we do not have a mate we masturbate and refuse to wait, a greedy mother for ya and it goes on to describing the nature of greed and this spoiled society called America.

I think my new configuration will be Acid Pro 7a, Reason 4.0.1, Adobe Audition 3.0 and Cubase Studio 4 using System 4 and the M14 Audio Interface.  I plan to uninstall a lot of stuff to make space to the changes that come with the upgrades and rearrange certain directories where I save music to my external hard drive.  I got my Acid Pro upgrade I will not get Cubase until next week; I think I will pickup Audition today, than all my programs will be up to date.  I have certain VSTi that I am not certain I will keep, we will see.  I plan to master these 4 programs over time.  Acid and Reason are for making musical compositions and Cubase is my studio and Audition is my editing and mastering program.  Cubase is the studio because it has the audio freeze feature that Acid does not, but you can freeze the MIDI tracks on Acid, so when I do vocals on Cubase I can freeze the VST effects and regain my processor power, Reason is just a beautiful program and Audition is complex, but some things are simple to do.

So I will upgrade Acid and Audition over the weekend and do a song on Cubase SL-3 and next week I will have Studio 4 by Cubase.  New projects are really not on the agenda, I just plan to make a few more tailor made beats for a couple of song ideas I have and I just made a few really cool beats worth working with. 

As for Janet whom I have not been speaking on lately, I have no problems with her; she can do as she pleases which is what she does anyway.  I tried to help her with her tour doing promotional blogs on the www. But one minute she is going to Japan and the next she is having a baby, it sounds like arrested development.  So I cannot include her in my plans, but I am sure whatever she does her management team will have it under control, it will work out and she will ultimately be happy.  But personally I cannot focus on her, I try to keep up, but her publicity seems to be bipolar and confusing.  I am being considered for more hours and more pay at the job front, I feel like my time should be allocated to my paying agencies.

As for celebrity status and super wealth, it is no longer a thrill, I felt I needed that shit for Janet because I spoiled her, however I cannot count on her anymore, so most of that money and attention is no longer a requirement, therefore you can no longer direct my behavior with promises of wealth, it is just no longer that damn important.  Furthermore I know I already made my money, the problem is that you’ll are holding on to it like it is yours, because you want to run my life and pump me for more services, but the services have been rendered already.



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