Athleticism should be compensated

imag01192Athleticism should be compensated


John and Tom are brothers, they are twins but not identical.  John was blessed with athleticism he was strong, tall and fast, but he was not the most intelligent person by far.  However he was very discipline he got up every morning before he got ready for school and did rigorous exercises.


Tom he was not very athletic whatsoever, however he was one of the world’s most intelligent prospect’s, in the 6th grade he won the elementary school spelling bee, meanwhile his twin brother had the claim to fame he was the school’s basketball captain and won the Presidential award for being the schools most all around athletic. 


Well I could continue this story but it is just a story the reality is both John and Tom was me, I won the schools spelling bee and presidential award, I was both gifted as an intellectual and athletic.   So what is the point?  I was going to tell you a story about two brothers on a parallel journey one for his smarts and another for his physical qualities and how one is praised by society but entrapped for failure and the other is teased by society but the world is designed for him to succeed if he can make it pass the mocking.


I know from experience that both sides of the coin of exceptionality either academics or athleticism are blessings of God and a curse to a black child unless he has a silver spoon to his exposal and even a silver spoon in the ghetto can be a curse because you are claimed to think you are “better than” because you have a real leather jacket and a new pair of sneakers.  


My argument is that the black ghetto does not give birth to bad people it breeds them through systematic corruption and ignorance.  Put simply the people of the black community are unaware to the fact that they are systematically disfigured, we know we are under a glass ceiling but do not understand the supreme architecture.   We do not understand the blueprint and design of the configuration we have been implanted in.  Black children are systematically discouraged from being exceptional, because to be exceptional is to work hard at something and go uncompensated in the process of growth and this is wrong in America and only in America.


Back to John and Tom, why is it socially correct that Tom gets a summer job, a paid internship while still not a professional but John cannot get a summer job in is trade or a paid internship because of the code called “amateur athletic.”  He pays for Tom’s books by filling arenas with spectators and fans in the same fashion as a child singer, but cannot be compensated for his hard work.  This is wrong and non professional athleticism should be compensated by financial reward and the income should be taxed and education as a result of athletics abilities should be an option and not a requirement.   


Athleticism should be compensated

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