Whatever Man

Whatever Man


To: President George W. Bush & Pres. Elect Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 29 November 2008


A Venus-Uranus aspect on your birthday will inspire you to join up with people who share not only your emotional outlook but also your material values. You will help each other to reach goals that, acting independently, you could not hope to attain.

A new addition to your social group will get your heart beating faster but don’t take their flirtatious ways too seriously. Chances are they are one of those people who are here today and gone tomorrow, so enjoy their company while you can, but don’t get attached.

I did not respond yesterday because I was upgrading my studio for 9 pm until about 12 pm the next day with little sleep in-between, then I went to my sister’s apartment for Thanksgiving, I woke up this morning and ate a turkey dinner and could not wake back up.  I really think turkey sedates you.  Now it is Black Friday, but I do not really need much.

Let me tell you something about me, all my life I did not give a damn about shit period, they said I was apathetic  in the military during my first enlistment, so I tried to care and love only to run into obstacles, now ask yourself how long will it take a man who only knows not caring to stop caring, being this is all he knows.  It will take no time at all?  The mode I am in is to do not give a damn anymore. So they all can come and go.

My mind is on this music project that I realize will take all of 6 months to do right and to get more money for discretionary spending through working an everyday job, reaching goals and all that shit, please do not complicate, it is not that serious anymore to me, I heard the word tomorrow a few too many times, it is always tomorrow or in six months, so fuck it.  I live for the day I get revenge other than that I will keep it simple.

Let me tell you a story.  There was a hit man and a Don having a conversation, so the Don said to the hit man, “You know the difference between me and you, I will tell you.”  “You will kill a motherfucker, but fucking with me will get a motherfucker killed.”  You know what the hit man said?  When!  The answer to that question was not answered.  Just a story!

I have something I have to pickup.  It looks like I will be running Acid 7a, Cubase Studio 4 at latest upgrade, Reason 4.0.1 and Adobe 1.5, I cannot find  the 3.0 upgrade and it is really unnecessary.  Technology is amazing do you know they now have a program call Vocaliod.  It is a singing synthesis program you write the words and she or he sings it that with Harmony Engine and Giga Pulse could do amazing things when creating a demo you have your band and singing group in a box.


Later Paul


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