Revamp the Schools, OTB and NYC Casinos

imag01956Revamp the Schools, OTB and NYC Casinos


To: President George W. Bush & President Elect Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 30 November 2008


The moon’s eclipse of Venus in the friendship area of your chart this week suggests that you are about to get more deeply involved in a program that brings like-minded people together. It also suggests you have the potential to be a group leader. Over to you


I am committed to this music project I am trying to get off the floor.  My upgrades will be finished by next weekend and then there are the updates, then I will be ready to take it to another phase.  I am also focused on radical changes in the school system, the privatization of off track betting and casino gambling in New York City in a major way.


Governor Paterson seems to be concerned with the 1,500 to 1,600 jobs that would be lost if they (OTB) goes under.  Well for example at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino in Verona, New York, which would be a minor operation compared to the standards I want to set, they employ 5,000 people with only 5 million visitors per year and to say we have to reward poor performances at OTB is double standards, when we say the exact thing would not happen at the big three auto makers..  Hell give us OTB and we can guarantee 2,000 jobs but not to the same people that are losing money, this is not to say we will not keep some of the employees, but with the $500 million used to purchase the business the state can create jobs for those who lose there jobs and give them some type of priority to other government jobs.  The new business ownership will create new opportunities for new people that will create a winning agency.  The key is to end illegal book keeping without the expenses of law enforcement, it would be a conflict of interest.


I think we should build a major casino in Brooklyn and open up a few in Manhattan hotels, the Atlantic Mall would be the perfect site for a major hotel and casino resort that is many stories high built on top of a 9,000 to 10,000 capacity entertainment center, that would be a class act.


As for the schools and colleges, I think the major overhaul should be the implementation of technology to support the students learning abilities, meaning advanced calculators, computers  technology, the revamping of the music programs with music software and perhaps electronic instruments, paying athletics, perhaps even electronic books.  I mean if we are going to invest in schools some of the money should actually go to the students and not just the teachers not that teachers do not deserve a raise, but they cannot not teach an un-teachable flock regardless of their teaching abilities.


The things I recommend are already used in colleges for the disabled and we have a disabled Governor who cannot read a book, but I am certain he has special tools to allow him to receive information and that is the principle I am trying to apply here.  Maybe the majority of the high school drop outs have a disability be it as a result of their homes or slow start in elementary school, regardless we have to improvise now and use the tools we have to get them through school.


College students use calculators, electronic dictionaries, laptop computers, recording devices and tutors to get through colleges if it is deemed necessary and they make fine employees and good human beings, so do not tell me that these principles should not apply to kids who would otherwise drop out of high school and if it is good for them if would be discrimination to not allow the whole student body to have these tools.


So what we are creating a computer dependent student body, as things stand we are losing the student body, so at least we are creating something of value to the future economy that will be computer based anyway and is computer based at the current time.  Like I said with these tools we can get them through high school by age 16 and give them a vocational skill by age 18.


I see the day when students will have a blue tooth type device hooked to one ear with a small calculator type device, connected to a server in the school that gives all students access to the same information to assist them while reading, writing, mathematics and research.  They will be able to come across a word and type it in and hear the meaning and the pronunciation of the word and after enough queries they will know this information.  Learning should be fun.  This will not create a dumb student body but a more intelligent one, because each student will get more attention through computer assistance.


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