Restore the Health System and Overhaul Social Security

 obama-bidenRestore the Health System and Overhaul Social Security


To: President George W. Bush & President Elect Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 1 December 2008


Can you trust your instincts? Of course you can. What they tell you may be at odds with what the rest of the world chooses to believe but over the next 12 months you will find yourself at odds with majority opinion again and again – and you’ll always be right.

A casual friendship will develop into something much deeper over the next 24 hours as you both realize how similar you are in your outlook on life. It is certainly a meeting of minds but could it be a meeting of hearts as well? Time will tell.

OK we covered where the money will come from, we must legalize casino gambling in the City of New York and privatize OTB, you give us casino gambling and we will balance the state budget to include the revamping of the public school system.  This is a service to the government and the concern is that an idle mind is the workshop of Satan, these guys need a life once they settle into a lot of money and the government needs new sources of money, it is a win and win proposition.

The next thing on the agenda is healthcare; Colin Powell mentioned that there are a lot of people who are poor to include children without health care.  The solution is radical but simplistic we have to invest in stem cell research in order to start curing diseases instead of treating them perpetually.  By curing diseases through the same expenses in medical research, we will be able to afford to give every America quality healthcare, because we will reduce the expenses in treatments.  For example a person has diabetes we give them a couple of shots and it is cured, instead of medication everyday for life.  A person has a bad set of kidneys we clone those new ones and transplant them and the issue is solved.  This is the future and I mean near future of modern medicine, it is to solve the problems for once and for all rather than treat problems for life, this technique (Perpetual treatment) we cannot continue to afford.

As a result people will live much longer, which comes to the social security system.  It has to also be revamped or should I say overhauled.  I am against forced retirement in the new world of stem cell technology, because people will immediately live to 150 years and if we accomplish that who knows what the future holds?  Social Security should be exactly what it states a social program for the security of Americans.  We should end social security as we know it, and give it to people only if they are deemed disabled.  I know at first glance it sounds unfair, but old age can be a disability.  Instead of a specific age, people should get social security when they cannot work until the medical problem or mental problem is solved and then they should go back to work.  We cannot afford to give people social security from age 65 to 150 years of age.  I see the day in the near future whereby people at 125 years of age will think quickly and run 2 miles per day, how do you justify spending billion or hundreds off billions of dollars or trillions we do not have by any means?  If we revamp the health system to create long life the social security system has to be overhauled.



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