In Space Travel Search for Energy & Entertainment

solar-system-21In Space Travel Search for Energy & Entertainment


So Mars has water and salt?  This is the first sign that it might be able to sustain life.  Personally I think the strategy is all wrong. We are trying to travel through space to find new worlds so to speak, but instead of trying to find a way to actually travel, we are looking for signs of life.  I think the approach is wrong.


I think we should be in search of energy.  In order to travel long distances we have to be able to setup stations for refueling.  I believe Mars as well as the Moon has energy that can be tapped and converted into a useful energy source for space travel.  If we find energy, we will be able to land and takeoff from remote places like the Moon and Mars and other planets as well! 


If it is not too late I think we should reset our priorities in space travel and try to find a way to go to distant places, because we are life.  We do not need to find life we need to find energy and with energy we can travel to distant places and be able to survive on places like Mars for long terms. 


The message of the day is find energy and not life.  Let us take care of the already living.  FIND ENERGY!


Space travel is not just a reality but becoming a commonality and as energy is discovered in far away worlds, even entertainment will have to seriously consider exploiting these far away places and in Janet’s Live Nation contract proposal instead of the distribution territory being the World we chose to use the term Solar System and is willing to negotiate the Universe.  I know this sound’s far from today’s realities but how about 20 years from now.  I mean why not entertain space travelers?  We entertain in the airways today why not space tomorrow?


Frank Paul Gambino

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