Tired of Deprivation and Disrespect

imag01231Tired of Deprivation and Disrespect


To: President George W. Bush & President Elect Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 7 December 2008


There is a lot of junk clogging up your life at the moment and your first priority this week must be to get rid of it. It doesn’t just come in the form of material things; it comes in the form of emotions too. All those senseless anxieties – get rid of them.

Being an emotional with and about someone can be draining, I learned through experience there is not unconditional love, because when you love someone you expect something in return even if it is as little as respect.  What I am put through no man wants to be put through on a daily basis, it is totally disrespectful.

You say get rid of the package and defined it as senseless anxieties, but am I equipped to do so or do I suffer from anxiety? When I said yesterday thatI rather be right and be apologetic and in debt for my transgressions, than wrong and live only for the day I get revenge.” This is of real concern for me.  I do not want to live for revenge because it is a terrible feeling that will end in a disaster.  Janet’s PR sucks and I do not approve of it and I have the right to protect myself even if it is emotionally and that is exactly what I am doing by doing me for a change and not focusing on so much distracting bullshit.

If it is not one man it is another, first the excuse was Rene Elizondo, now it is Jermaine Dupri who goes everywhere she goes while I am supposed to sit on the sidelines and play with myself?  Fogetabouti!   I am going to live, focus on my studio and try to enjoy life and whatever she does am her business.  Because there is always an excuse to keep me on the sidelines and let me remind you this did not just start 2 years ago it has been going on for many years and I deserve better.

This was a straight forward comment and deserves a straight forward response, I have to let go emotionally  and live and enjoy life and do some small things to supplement my income, these are the things that concern me and obviously is of no concern to you’ll.  Because at the rate of the direction we are travelling I am capable of saying the hell with you all and let Jermaine Dupri cure AIDS and the rest, because you’ll are not doing shit for me whatsoever but mocking me, taunting me and depriving me economically and I am not alright with this at all.



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