I am Content just not with being broke

imag01952I am Content just not with being broke


To: President George W. Bush & President Elect Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 8 December 2008


If you do nothing else over the coming 12 months make sure you pursue your dream. It may seem beyond you, it may seem out of reach, but the planets indicate it can and it will become your reality, if you have the courage to go for it. Do you?

If you feel out of place in your present location that is reason enough to pack a bag and go some place where you feel more relaxed. Don’t let guilt hold you back from saying goodbye. What’s the point of staying if it makes you unhappy?

I realized doing little things can become very big, but the chances are that if you think large only, little things are overlooked and not accomplished.  Sure I can transmit big ideas for big problems and you can take it or leave it that is totally up to you all.  But in covering my own ass, I have a lot of unfinished small business.  I do not feel I need to itemize, I just need to do it.  Because when people can travel the world for bullshit events and I have to make special reservations to go and see my sick uncle in Florida, and we are supposed to be in it together something is wrong.

I think I will make it my new year’s declaration to fix my screenplay based on recent events and make an album that has demo status, putting all my tools and skills to work.  I mean if Michael can take 3 years I certainly can take 3 to 6 or even 9 months to do a good job for a change.  I am only one person and I am a solo act, I do not have to my disposal secretaries and the nine.  So I have to move at creeping motions.

For what I am doing I like my apartment, it is my studio apartment, office and music studio in one.  Everything I am setting out to do can be accomplished at this setup.  I like my job, the problem is I need more money but how do you ask for more money now under the current economic times? People should be thankful to be blessed with a job period in these times, but that might change, however there is not a question in my mind as to my need for more income that is the problem and not my location, my problem is my current income. I do not get compensated for anything I do and it is not right.  Someone told me it is not work if you do not get paid for your assistance to a profit organization.

I ordered the finishing touches to my home recording studio and got a few things to make it take up less room and look much more presentable.  I go two video monitors that are flat widescreens (Updated my duel monitor setup) and studio monitor speaker stands and I order vocaloid Lola for female background vocals it is a vocal synthesis program, my repertoire is a arsenal, I just have to take my time to use them to there full benefit.

This weekend was spent setting up stuff and I did little reading or tutorial viewing, but like I said I might have to creep and I am fine with that.  I will make an album that I am proud of.  My complaint about deprivation is about my physical needs and financial status and not my home, office, job or music studio, I just need more discretionary income to make ends might in a more comfortable standing, I am just making it and there is not reason for this other than control and if I go ballistic people will be very disappointed in my behavior and it could set us back a couple of years.


I end this with a simple question:

How does Janet plan to sell tickets in Japan after going on sick leave, when she allows these pregnancy rumors to perpetuate?  People do not know if she is coming or going.  Her PR and publicity is stupid and unfocused and she wonders why she is not filling up her venues, there is no consumer confidence.




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